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Industry Outlaw & Na Wahine O Kalani present:

Mana Na Wahine
(mă’-nă – na – wah-hee-neh)

Our goal is to use wine as a sales vehicle to raise money and create a scholarship fund available to the female athletes of Hawaii between the developmental ages of 12 -18 years of age in any athletic medium. Industry Outlaw & Na Wahine O Kalani present a new project: Mana Na Wahine – The Spirit of the Woman – with net profits of each bottle sold going directly into this newly created scholarship fund. Young women will be able to apply for sports scholarships with the hopes we can provide them the ability to take their athletic talent to the next level of competition in all aspects of their life. We will seek out professional athletes to act as “sponsors” by becoming part of TEAM MANA supporting this new generation of talent emerging from our Islands.

Spring 2018 Release. Pre-sales NOW available in limited qualities.
2016 Red Wine | 2016 Sauvignon Blanc

Mana Na Wahine
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